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Due to the high number of away games in October and November, and the lack of home games since December, we’ve still got lots of away days to report on.
The latest report from the famous Blackburn & Darwen Robins comes from the Division One game at Trafford. Sadly, we let the side down with a pathetic turn out of TWO ! Not only that, but I was leaving early to get back for the 5-15 kick-off at Ewood!
It has to be said that most of us are Rovers season ticket holders so when they’re at home our Harwood following naturally suffers. Picked up Dave and we set off in plenty of time, not having been to the ground before and, seeing as it was well into October, we knew that the Christmas shopping frenzy would have already started at the nearby Trafford Centre! On a lovely sunny day we got there in plenty of time and at 2-45 it seemed like almost everyone in the ground was a Harwood follower. The attendance at kick-off had exceeded three figures which was one of Trafford’s best of the season. “Hope we’re three up by half past four Dave then I won’t be missing a tense finale,” I optimistically remarked. They looked to be a young, fit side who were all comfy on the ball and we appeared to be defending very deep, with Mash and Easty far too isolated on the big pitch. It was nice to see Sam Pope playing whilst home from University and he was our best player in the first half. Sadly, that wasn’t saying much and it was no surprise when Trafford took the lead courtesy of a superb goal when the home forward turned his man 25 yards out and unleashed a terrific shot into the bottom corner. If that was impressive then the Trafford End’s backing was amazing – there must have been at least six of them singing songs. Honest, and I’m not being ‘sarky’, it was well impressive and rarely heard in this league. I only wish that we had six people who were prepared to sing at Harwood games.
It wasn’t too long before number two went in thanks to some less than impressive handling by Bobby Harris. He spilt a shot instead of holding on and the ball was duly dispatched by a grateful forward. Our only effort of note was a right foot shot by Sam from outside the box and it was quite a relief to get to half-time only two down.
The second half started with the Reds well on top, and the midfield backing up the forwards. At last the Trafford defence was made to work hard and a jinking run by Mash brought a tremendous save by the home keeper. We also had a couple of corners but Trafford broke out of defence, switched the ball from left to right, finding the centre forward in acres of space, ON THE EDGE OF THE BOX ! He took it down, controlled it, had a chat with someone in the crowd, lit a cigarette, and then buried it past poor Bobby without being bothered by any defenders. That was my cue to take down the flag and be on my way as the game was over with less than hour on the clock.
As I reached the car park there was a huge cheer from the ground. Oh no, 4-0 I thought, but as I drove away the phone rang and Dave told me that we pulled one back from a Mash spot-kick. With the time at quarter to five, I was just pulling off the M66 when the mobile rang again.
“3-2, Taylor goal.” Shouted Dave at the top of his voice.
Surely we weren’t going to get a draw after that first-half display ?
Ten to five and I’m half way along the Grane Road when I got another call. Bloody Hell, we’ve equalised ! The excitement was all too much for me and I swerved onto the other side of the road towards a local Bobby who was riding along on his bicycle. He took the appropriate action and went crashing into a dry stone wall. As I looked into the mirror I could see two size fifteen boots wriggling about and pointing upwards !
I answered the phone and heard a very loud ‘YEEEEEEESSSS !’ but couldn’t make out the rest of what Dave was saying.
“Dave, calm down, and talk to me, have we equalised ?”
“No the game’s finished and we’ve lost 3-2.”
“So what’s all the cheering and shouting about?”
“They’ve just put the left over pies at half price !”
Magic! Anyway at least the team showed a bit of fighting spirit even if most of us did desert the lads in their hour of need.
Join us for the next trip because the team needs you now more than ever and I promise that we’ll have a full complement of Blackburn and Darwen Robins.
If you travel to any away games, why not write to me at the address on page three telling me all about your day out including any amusing things that may have happened along the way. The rest of the supporters want to hear about it, and if you had a boring time, then make something up – not that I’d do anything like that of course!!
Also, if you fancy writing a report on a home game then that would be brilliant as the some of the local press reports are a little lacking in detail. And don’t forget…….

Rally round the robins!

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