TIM - Atherton LR Program Editor

While not being a regular Great Harwood supporter, I really miss travelling up for Monday night games. Apart from everyone at the club being very friendly and chatty when I went, the location of the ground meant people came from all over to watch the matches on a night when there weren't many others on. It was a great chance to meet people from Clitheroe, Ramsbottom, Rossendale, Bacup and all different clubs from around Lancashire. We would spend half the match chatting and it really brought home how all the clubs had the same hopes, pleasures and problems and in a very small way, helped bring us all a little closer. Sadly there's no other centrally placed club now playing on a Monday night (as far as I know) so the little gatherings have ended. An easy ground to get to, easy parking, a football match to watch and meeting friends.

Sad it's all gone!

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