Away Day Robins

Squires Gate

With special correspondent Michelle Maudsley

On our away day trip to Squires gate, we decided to take advantage of the good weather, so off I set to collect Will, James, Fat Phil, and in the absence of Dudley, fat Phil’s Auntie Sheila came along.
After being in the car a short while, Fat Phil asked how long to get there.
“I’m starving, I could eat the hind leg off a donkey.”
“Best not go along the ‘Prom’ near the sands Michelle or else he might just do that,” said Auntie Sheila.
“In that case,” said Will and James,
“Can we hit the Pleasure Beach?”
“O.K. sounds like a good idea,” I replied.
While the boys turned themselves green by spinning, turning, and going up and down on all the rides, plus getting very wet on some, Fat Phil tried out two hot dog stalls, three candy flosses, four ice creams, five doughnuts and six sticks of rock. We were at this point walking along when Fat Phil said:
“Big One!”
Will and James got excited thinking that it was a ride but Phil had seen a stall selling Pepsi by the yard-like ‘a yard of ale’.
Time was passing on and it was nearly time for us to go to the game but where was Auntie Sheila?
“I bet she’s on the ‘Grab Machines’ and guess what-she was, and she’d won a Shrek. She said that it reminded her of someone but she couldn’t think who!
All back tot the car, we went to the game, where I’m sorry to say that we were well beaten, but on the Robins scoring a late consolation goal, with the score at 4-0, the travelling faithful sang out that we were going to win 5-4, but it was not to be.
To cheer us up on the way home, we had a traditional fish and chip supper.
Another good night out watching the Robins, so join us for the next trip.

Rally Round the Robins!

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