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SHEILA ASHCROFT (A.K.A. Auntie Sheila)

Sheila is one of our newest supporters but is also one of our keenest, demonstrated by her appearance at the recent midweek away game at Thornaby. Her fist game was just last season but since then she’s ‘clocked up’ many miles watching the Robins.
She lives in the Infirmary area of Blackburn with her husband Brian and little lad David, and hasn’t got far to travel to see her other favourite team, Blackburn Rovers. Sheila’s best memories of the game are when she travelled to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to see the Rovers lift the Worthington Cup, and the worst time was when the club was relegated to the 1st Division.
As well as football, she enjoys watching most sports especially cricket. Other interests include crossword puzzles and holidays, the latter giving Sheila one of her most treasured memories. While she was in Goa, she had a terrific time mixing with the locals and visiting the local school.
Particular dislikes are bad sports and selfish people. As with a great many of our supporters, the Rovers are her first team but she gets down to watch Harwood as much as possible and when she is here, she really gets behind the team. Always one to encourage the players, you’ll never hear her ‘knocking’ them and if she hears anyone else having a go at them, she’ll give the culprits a bit of verbal themselves.
Sheila is the kind of supporter that Great Harwood Town Football Club needs so let’s hope that this recent acquisition to the Robins fan club will be seen at the Showground for many years to come.


Sheila Ashcroft

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