Away Day Robins

Rovers Youth at Morecambe 2004

The latest trip for the famous Blackburn & Darwen Robins wasn’t actually for a Harwood game.
We all decided to go to Morecambe to give Matt Derbyshire our support when he played in the quarter-final of the FA Youth Cup for the Rovers.
Jimmy ‘Mad-Dog’, Billy ‘The-Kid’ and Mad Michelle called round at six o’clock and we set off, but not before shooting down to Thomco to get some inexpensive yet quality building supplies for a job on the house.
Unfortunately I missed the turning for the M6. Never mind, I’d take the A6 and join the motorway one junction up. Oops! An accident had closed the road so we had to turn round and half an hour after setting off, we were heading back towards Blackburn! Drove like a maniac and reached the ground dead on 7-00. Delayed kick-off till 7-15!
Also there were fellow Robins Woody, Woody Senior, Harry, Eileen and Sandra. It was freezing so we got stuck into some pies and Bovril, but it was a good job Dave wasn’t with us as they ran out of food in the first half. The game was a close run affair with Gillingham getting in some ‘hairy’ tackles. Matt didn’t have the chance to shine thanks to some tight marking and after 25 minutes he was given a nudge in the penalty area and went over on his ankle, causing a serious enough injury for him to be substituted.
“May as well go home then,” said Jimmy. But we stayed on although things didn’t look too good when Gillingham took the lead right on half time. Rovers scored twice in the second period to make it through to the semi’s, giving Matt some consolation.
We stopped at a pub on the way back, and although I admit that the landlady could have done with losing a few stones, and she was carrying a huge tray of sandwiches for the darts team, there was no need for Michelle’s opening line.
“GET OUT NOW, YOU’RE ALL BARRED!” Replied our hostess.
“We’ve been banned form better doss houses than this Missus,” was Michelle’s parting shot.
“Oh well, there’s still a couple of pubs in Lancashire that we haven’t been barred from.
Join us for the next away game and remember…

Rally round the robins!

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