Selected items from the Board meetings 1970-1972


It was decided that the following fees applied for entrance to the clubhouse on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings:

2 /- before 9-30p.m. 3/- after.

Boddington’s Brewery advised the club that the beer prices were too low.

It was agreed that the Directors would pay £1 each when a new player was signed.


Trainer J. Birkett failed to adhere to tactics decided by the team manager T. Cummings at a game at Macclesfield and was suspended by the Chairman Derek Keighley.


It was decided that the team would leave the Showground for the game at Scarborough at 9-30 with lunch to be taken at the Talbot Hotel, Malton. Cost for supporters, 25/-.

A Football League club would be asked to officially open the new changing rooms.


After the disastrous result at Scarborough (not known) the Chairman said that some of the younger players had no interest in Great Harwood Football Club, only for the money. They would be released at the end of the season.


The Football Club were provided with 8 cup final tickets.


Chairman could not attend meetings due to illness. The club was fined £2-2-0 by the Northern Premier League.

The club supported the election or re-election of Chorley, Lancaster City, Kirkby Town, Goole Town and Matlock Town.


Bradford Park Avenue applied for membership of the NPL and GHFC voted for them, Goole Town, Matlock Town and Chorley.

25-06-70 Extraordinary General Meeting

The EGC was arranged because Commercial Manager T. Monks had tendered his resignation. He did this because the licensing laws were repeatedly ignored in the bar. The Directors tried to persuade him to stay on but he refused and left the meeting.


The commercial manager agreed to stay on for one month without pay.

Bank debts of £2,600 had been run up. The ‘Bandits’ in the clubhouse were not making a profit. Bar takings were down and raffle money was down.

Groundsman Ian Pickup, aged 62, was said to be working with obsolete and broken equipment and most of his work was unpaid.

A loan of £12,000 was obtained from Boddington’s Brewery for the building of the club but with stock and sound equipment etc. it had cost £15,000.

The clubhouse was taking £400 per week which was the break-even figure. Cost of players wages was £150. Floodlights cost £6,400 with the monthly repayments at £111-3-0. Loan for the dressing rooms an boardroom was £103 per month.


Prices for season tickets were announced.

Patrons; £6-6-0

Vice President; £5-5-0

Stand; £4-10-0

Ladies Stand; £3-10-0

Ground; £3-10-0

OAP & Boys; £2-0-0

Under 11’s; £1-0-0

Matchday prices:

Men; 4/-

Ladies; 3/-

OAP & Juniors; 2/-

During the period December 19 th –January 11 th a loss of £663 was recorded.

Draining and re-turfing the pitch would cost £3,000.

Three Directors resigned.


Manager Tommy Cummings couldn’t get to away games because of staffing difficulties with his business. Because of this he was asked to resign but was praised by Directors for his work. Assistant manager Bob Jones was promoted to first team manager.


The club was told to reduce their bank arrears and cheques would not be honoured. The problem was resolved thanks to loans from Directors.


Manager Bob Jones asked how much money would be available for players next season but the Directors present couldn’t say as they were unsure of the financial situation at the club. Bob was told that the amount would be reduced from the previous season.

Over the close season it was decided that the players wage bill would be £150 a week with no funds available for transfer fees.

Use of the ground was given to a Charity football match, All Stars XI v Wrestlers. The charge would be £5-5-0.

The end of the season saw a bank overdraft of £2,961 despite the limit of £2,000.

Some of the club’s costs were:

Sound equipment-£800

Furniture, curtains etc. -£500

Glasses, cooling equipment, racks etc. -£1,800

Building work-£875

Kitchen utensils, ovens, hoover-£150

Bandit licence-£300

P A System-£300

18 repayments of £120 to Boddingtons + £359 interest on loan. The more beer that was sold meant that the interest payments would decrease.

The club compere, Mike Shaun, deserted and then resigned after being offered a post in Rhyl but an injunction was brought to stop him as he had a contract with GHFC.

Ray Allen said that he would provide an evenings free entertainment because of the club allowing the pitch to be used for the charity game.

Ex-Blackburn Rover John Coddington was signed.

Rossendale United made an illegal approach for B. Redhead. It was decided that if no apology was forthcoming, Rossendale would be reported to the F.A.


There were not enough cars available to transport the players for a game at South Shields so a coach was organised.


It was agreed that the supporters Club could build a refreshment hut in the ground.

The Lancashire Evening Telegraph announced that it provide a reporter for all Great Harwood games and would travel with the team to away games.


The club appointed 4 ball-boys and programme sellers.

The club was asked by the bank to reduce it’s overdraft from £4,400 to £3,000.

A new lottery would begin, hoping to cover every street in the town. Agents would be found and would be asked to enlist 20 members who would each pay 10p per week.


Directors were falling out with each other, mainly due to personality clashes.

The Chairman and secretary both threatened to resign. Both were given unanimous votes of confidence.

The F.A. and L.F.A. wrote to the club after an incident of spectator misconduct at the recent game against Chorley. Just one person was involved but the cause was not stated.

There was a fall out with player Ian Hope who stated that he had been sacked and not paid monies owing but the chairman stated that the player had asked for a transfer due to ‘domestic circumstances’ and had also been paid in full.


Roy Vernon’s contract was paid up with £200 which saved the club £320 in wages as they tried to reduce losses.

Club fines:

D. Bright £2-50 for failing to report on January 1 st.

I. Procter and D. McDowell, 2 weeks wages for failing to report for training and not being available when required.

The club appealed against all four bookings and a sending off during a game against Rossendale United.

Darwen enquired about players and were offered Shaw and McDowell but the players refused to go.

Manager Bob Jones made enquiries for an Altrincham player who then asked for £25 a week plus bonuses so the interest was dropped.

Buxton wanted Harwood player Beardall.

The club’s overdraft now stood at £7,600 and the Bank wanted £1,200 immediately. The last 6 months showed an operating loss of £3,000.


The groundsman tendered his resignation.


The Chairman requested from the bank, overdraft facilities of £10,000, raised from £6,000. The club was now losing £100 a week.

He once again, critised Directors and stated that they should each guarantee £500 of the overdraft and ‘put their backs into the job’. Six Directors signed an agreement to this effect with the bank manager present at the board meeting.

Two injured players were given £10 each.

All previous appeals regarding bookings were successful but R Aindow, who was sent off, received a £10 fine and seven day suspension.


Chairman Derek Keighley announced that the £150 raised for Dave Freeman’s 10 year service benefit year was a diabolical amount an that the club would also present him with a gold watch.

Mr. Keighley also stated that he went to see the team in action against Morecambe where he described the players as a disgrace to the club. On returning to the Showground, he was further angered by finding the bar still open and the club dirty and was disgusted with the mercenary attitude of the players.

He said that he would resign at the end the season providing arrangements could be made for the re-payment of his loan to the club.


Re-turfing goal areas and re-seeding cost only £150 as the groundsman and a local farmer did the work themselves.

The Great Harwood Agricultural Society had left the field an utter disgrace after show day.

Directors were told to loan £100 and guarantee £500 to cover the overdraft which resulted in two of them resigning as they couldn’t adhere to those rules.

The £10,000 agreed overdraft had already been broken and the Chairman had to guarantee an extra £1,500.

Full time steward would be given his notice and part-time workers would run the club at weekends. The Directors would have to run the club during the week.



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