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Graham Price

If the Robins achieve the ‘impossible’ and escape relegation, then ex-manager Dave Sharples should take a bow. It was he who signed one of the best young players to have graced the Showground, Holt House Stadium, Anchor Ground and Interlink Express Stadium in recent years. His appearance in a Great Harwood Town shirt co-incided with an upturn in the team’s performances and his midfield displays have been a revelation.
Just 19 years-old, 5’ 9” and 10 stones, ‘Pricey’ is in his first year with us and has taken about one game to become a fans favourite. Despite playing in midfield, he has been the one player who has more than anyone else, backed up the attack and had reaped the rewards with goals in recent games at Newcastle and Nantwich. With the game evenly poised, his fabulous strike at Nantwich inspired the boys to produce our best away performance of the season and give us a realistic chance of avoiding the drop.
Graham has previously played at Clitheroe and Bristol Rovers and the fact that he didn’t make it with the Pirates shows just how good a player needs to be to become a full time pro.
When asked for the names of his parents, his reply was Mr. and Mrs. Price but we later found out that they’re called Julie and Steve. Julie is a gorgeous young lady who must have married at an extremely young age as she doesn’t look old enough to have a husband let alone a nineteen year old son!! Steve is also a very young good looking chap who is often mistaken for Pierce Brosnan.
Pricey’s best moments in football have, by his own admission, yet to come, but signing for Bristol Rovers was a high point. The worst moment in his short career was the recent embarrassment at Salford when we lost 8-0.
His ‘likes’ are jelly and ice cream so if you’re thinking of taking him in as a lodger, it won’t cost you too much to keep him happy! His hobbies are listed as….drinking so maybe you shouldn’t rent out your spare bedroom to him! Having said that, let’s hope that Graham Price is a Great Harwood Town player for years to come, and if he is, the future looks bright.

Graham Price

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