My earliest memory down the Showground has to be when we played Worksop Town, Unibond Division 1 in about 97 or 98, They won and got promoted and had a konga line on the pitch with all their players and fans(of which there were about 100 people).During the same season i can remember chasing after one of the many balls to be hit onto the Lyndon House Estate i climbed onto the top of the fence and promptly fell into someones back garden on their flowers! haha! Oh well! and to make it worse i fell in the wrong garden:S!

Another Ball boy experience! i was about 8 years old and sat on top of the home dugout, i had forgotten my coat and it started to lash it down! so there i was in the middle of winter at a night game i had forgotten my coat sat about 6 foot in the air getting more and more wet and when  a ball went over on the estate again! i fell of the dug out! you getting the impression im clumsy!?

There were then a few seasons when we went into kind off freefall and we found ourselves the NWCFL division2. But don't despair we had the prolific partnership of Matty Derbyshire and John Eastham with Paul Mashiter playing later on after Matty left for Rovers, and Paul Smith making a few appearances. Anyway im waffling, I remember Easty breaking his either ankle/leg right in front of me! nice eh!

My favourite game has to be the away trip to Gigg Lane Great Harwood Town versus FC United! They had already won the league and we were pushing for promotion. What an atmosphere, i believe there were about 6023 people down to see them get crowned champions, but us being us had to turn up and spoil
their party hahahaha! for 89 minutes they pretty much battered us in a fiercly contested game in which saw a United player get sent off for 'slapping' Kieron Fletcher. I use the term slapping lightly as it was little more than a stroke on the cheek. OH WELL! and n the 90th minute i think it was Ryan Fisher who bundled the ball over the line. The Stadium went deadly quiet!except for about 30 of us!!! I think we are the only team to have played them twice took 4 points off them and not lost??? What a day and i think it was apt that in our last season(so far..... please God let there be many more!) we made some surprises! like signing a Cypriot Under 21 international: Vasilis Theophanous(correct me if its spelt wrong!) and sign pro footballer Neil Smith back for some Scandanavian Side- he couldnt hit a barn door everything he did went over! maybe thats why he played centre half in his first spell!!!

I'm sure there are many more and i will email more to you when they come to my brain!


Adam Smith

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